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Episode 20- The Unofficial Guide to DBA

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In the episode, I am joined by David Schlanger and David Kuijt, two of the guys (members) behind the Washington Area DBA Gamers (WADBAG)-  and the vastly popular Unofficial Guide to DBA.  We discuss the history of DBA and Unofficial Guide to De Bellis Antiquitatis 2.0 (DBA), and the eventual release and thought process behind the modification and publication of the revised/expanded modification which are commonly known as DBA 2.2 +.  If you are interested in DBA or wanted to find out more, this is definitely the episode for you.  As always, we hope you enjoy the show!

Episode 19- Hallowed Ground Terrain

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  Well, Mike G. announces and discusses the release of his own 15mm Vietnam War Era line of terrain and accessories to accompany the upcoming release of Free Fire Zone.  We also spend some time talking about Battlefront and Flames of War.  I talk about my recent reconnect with DBA and other hobby related bits. 

This episode was recorded on 03/10/2014.  You can check out pictures of some of the items being offered by Hallowed Ground Terrain here at http://s122.photobucket.com/user/HallowedGroundTerrain/library/

Episode 18- A New Year in Wargames!

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In this episode Mike and I discuss a lot about various happenings in the hobby.  This issue includes a review of two books: Henchmen of Ares, and Vikings, Saxons and Celts.  We continue our discussion with a brief discussion of how GW's stock debacle may allow for a resurgence of Historical Wargames via third parties and if there will be a net positive effect on the hobby.  We also take some time to review Issue 70 of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy and cover some of the content that jumped out at us.  In the last segment, I pry some information out of Mike Garner regarding the upcoming re-release of Free Fire Zone, a 15mm Vietnam Wargame, which is now owned by himself and Henry Tremblay.  There is a lot of content.  As Always we hope you enjoy the show. 

Note- In our discussion regarding Allen Curtis's article in WS&S, the rules modifications are for Dux Bellorum

Episode 17- Catching up with the Hobby

In this episode I am joined by my ever trusty sidekick, Mike Garner.  We discuss a wide variety of topics including book/audio-book reviews of Caesar's Gallic Wars translated by Vincent Rospond and The Virtues of War: A Novel of Alexander the Great by Steven Pressfield.  We discuss some 10 & 15mm game systems and comment on some recent listener emails.

During the recording we experienced a recording bug and which was filtered out as best as possible in post-production.  As always we hope you enjoy the show! 

This podcast contains explicit content | Download | Duration: 00:47:23

Episode 16- Interview with Guy Bowers of WS&S Magazine at Enfilade 2103

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In this episode, Dean Motoyama and I get a chance to sit down and talk to Guy Bowers, the Editor of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy about the magazine and his own personal views of the hobby.  Guy is very candid and talks openly about a wide variety of subjects.  Guy talks about his past involvement with Warhammer Historicals and his authorship of Siege and Conquest.  All of our discussions are made in the backdrop of Enfilade 2013, the annual convention put on by the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society.    This podcast and interview were in large part sponsored (unofficially) by Angry Orchard Apple Cider.  As always we hope you enjoy the show. 

Episode 15- Interview with Jasper Oorthuys of Ancient Warfare Magazine

In this episode, I get a chance to talk to Jasper Oorthuys, the Editor-in-Chief of Ancient Warfare Magazine.  Jasper and I talk about the magazine (of which I am a big fan), and his background in wargaming.  We also talk about the podcast in which he and some of the other guys at Ancient Warfare Magazine are involved with at The History Network.   This episode is about history and wargaming and how everyone can have fun with both.  As always we hope you enjoy the show!

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You can visit Ancient Warfare Magazine's website by clicking here:
Or you can visit The History Network at http://thehistorynetwork.org/

Episode 14- WAB GT, Bolt Action & Caesar's Gallic War

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In this episode I am joined by two new co-hosts, Adrian Nelsen and Dean Motoyama both of whom are members of NHMGS.  Dean and I discuss our upcoming trip to England for the WAB GT and all that we hope to see and do while we are there.  We also discuss our reactions to BOLT ACTION now that we have digested the rules and played some games.  I finish off this episode with a truly enlightening interview with Vincent Rospond who is a Historian and author who has just finished a translation, commentary and reference book concerning Caesar's Gallic War.  You can check out the book at https://www.wingedhussarpublishing.com/ .  As always we hope you enjoy the show.    

No January Episode

Hello everyone, Pat Lowinger here.  I just want to let everyone know we are very excited with all the requests and emails regarding our January episode.  As you know Mike Garner and I are trying to get you at least 1 episode a month, but in January it can down to too many schedule conflicts to get a quality podcast up.  Mike is busy with Grad School, and I am doing my best to get all of my projects, both personal and professional done prior to my trip to England for the 2013 WAB GT.  We will endeavor to get something up before the end of February, but be assured that during my trip to England, we will record all kinds of wargaming goodness.  Thanks for listening. 

Episode 13- Interviews with Keith Branagh & Alessio Cavatore

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In this special Double-Interview episode, I am first joined by Keith Branagh from Aventine Miniatures.  Aventine produces some truly beautiful miniatures for Ancient Wargaming and Keith is kind enough to take the time to talk about the company and it's future.  In the second half of the show, I am joined by none other than Alessio Cavatore, who talks in depth about the development of the WW2 Rules set- Bolt Action from Warlord Games.  As always, we hope you enjoy the show.  Happy New Year!

Episode 12- More SAGA, Army Painter & Bolt Action!

This podcast contains explicit content | Download | Duration: 01:26:49

This Episode features two great interviews.  The first is with Mike Hobbs to talk about the recently released SAGA Supplement, The Ravens Shadow.  The second is with Bo Penstoft from The Army Painter, in which we discuss the latest additions to their range of hobby products.  I also take the time to give a preliminary review of Warlord Games- Bolt Action rules set for 28mm WW2 wargaming.  As always, we hope you enjoy the show! 

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